2012年10月23日 星期二

Quiz Brit. Lit.

1. What is an iamb? Explain iambic pentameter. Create one sentence.

1A: Iamb means foot. Iambic pentameter is a beat which Shakespeare used to write all his plays. It is a beat that has a pattern of the emphasis of words. An example is: Yet joy and happiness I find in it.

2. What is the rhyme scheme for an English sonnet? For an Italian sonnet?

2A: For an English sonnet, it is ABABCDCDEFEFGG. For an Italian sonnet, it is ABBAABBACDECDE.

3. What is the line of succession (who has power) in Macbeth? (Hint: Top 3)

3A: The king is first. Then after the king comes Malcolm, the eldest son. Then comes the most powerful thane, which is probably MacBeth now.


4. How does the titular character increase his power? (Hint: The captain's report)

4A: He fought bravely in the battle and killed the rebel's leader. He won the war for his country.


5. Summarize why Witch #1 was in a bad mood.

5A: A sailor's wife didn't share chestnuts with her so she killed the sailor's wife husband.


6. What are the three prophecies of MacBeth?

6A: He is the Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and future king.

7. What are the three prophecies of Banquo?

7A: Lesser than MacBeth but greater, Less happier than MacBeth but happier, he will not be a king but his sons would be kings.

8. "If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me without my stir." (I.iii.143) Who said it? To whom? Translate to plain English?

8A: MacBeth thought it to himself and it means that if the prophecy said he will be king, he shouldn't need to do anything to become king.

9. "Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here... take my milk for gall.." (I.v.41, 48) Who said it? To whom? Translate to plain English?

9A: Lady MacBeth said it to the evil spirits. She wants them to take away her feminism and make her cruel so she can take out the king and MacBeth can be king.


2012年10月21日 星期日



u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(A) The running makes my feet sore and in pain

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(B) My ankles ache like fire is burning there

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(A) My sweat is pouring out like heavy rain

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(B) It stinks and smells on all the clothes I wear

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(C) Sometimes I hurt and feel not so great

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(D) My hands get injured all the times I play

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(C) My mom gets angry when I play too late

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(D) But still I play it every single day

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(E) Yet joy and happiness I find in it

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(F) Makes me get rid of all the stress of school

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(E) I practice and improve a bit by bit

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(F) By playing it, the girls will think I’m cool

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(G) Someday I might just join the NBA

u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /. u. /

(G) I've still got time; the season ends at May


2012年9月8日 星期六

Worst Jobs

We watched a video in class that talked about the worst jobs of the Medieval period. The first worst job was the arming squire. The arming squire was a knight's intern. After the knight comes back from 8 hours of fighting and no toilet break, the squire's job was to remove the knight's armor and clean it. To clean the dirty armor, the squire would use vinegar mixed with sand and some urine. Not only did he have to clean the armor, he had to carry the knight's armor, which had 24 pieces and weighed 27 kilos, to the battlefield. The way there was devastating, with no food and water and continous rain. It was said that more people died of diseases going to battle than actually fighting in the battle. Another terrible job in the army was the archer. Their jobs was also to go into battle and fight, but after the war, their jobs were to walk around and put enemy or friend out of their miseries. And, if they got cut, their fingers would be chopped off and then they wouldn't be able to shoot anymore.

The next worst jobs are the medical jobs. In the old times, leeches were a form of medical treatment. It was believed that they would suck the badness out of your body. So in order to use leeches, a job formed, the leech collectors. They would wade into the swamps and leeches would attach to their legs and they would pick leeches off into a jar. Another bad medical job was the barber surgeon. Barbers already had the sharp tools and so they added another job to their proffesion. They would cut hair and also cut skin and muscles. They would also have a long funnel to insert it up someone's Gluteous Maximus and push medicine inside. That was because they believed that the medicine would burn up in the liver before it reach the stomach. There was no doctors so they had these barber surgeons and also the wisewoman. They made weird medicines and traded them for services. Though it was disgusting, making the medicines would be much better than being the patient.


In the old times, cathedrals were important to their culture since Catholocism was popular. But without modern technology, cathedral building made some pretty bad jobs. First of all, the large stones used to build the cathedral were hard to transport and they only had carts. Then the stone masons needed to cut and design the stones and no electric machinery was available for them. It could take them 80-90 years to build a cathedral. Another dangerous job was making the lime to make the mortar. The mortar was needed to stick the bricks together and the lime was part of the mortar that made everything stick together. But making lime was very dangerous. It was made by burning chalk but it would also produce a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide which can kill a person in a few seconds. After the lime was made, it was put into water to become powder. The dangerous part was that it would pop. In the old times, they had no eye protection so it could cause deadly injuries. After the stone and mortar was prepared, they had to pull the stones up to a great height and actually start the building process so a crane was needed. But instead of using a crane, they used a treadmill. Two people would walk inside and the force could pull up the great weights. The dangerous part was that it wasn't very sturdy and would break often, killing the people inside, and also it would be in very high places making it even more dangerous.


The last but not least worst job was processing wool clothing. When they take the wool and process it and make it into cloth, the holes between the lines are still loose and the cloth is greasy. So they need pneumonia to tighten the cloth and clean it. The only excessible pneumonia back then was urine. So they had to soak the cloth in urine and march on the urine-soaked cloth for up to 8 hours to clean and tighten it.


I think the worst job for me is probably either the treadmill worker or the barber surgeon. I think the treadmill is bad because I am afraid of heights and also the whole thing could collapse easily which will freak me out. The barber surgeon is a little worse maybe because if I see lots of blood, I will faint. Even thought being the patient is probably much worse, I think cutting other people is frightening for me also. I think that processing the cloth isn't that bad but only if it's my urine. If it's other people's urine, I'll have to think about it. Transporting the stones with cart isn't too bad either. It just takes a lot of energy and muscles and it's not that dangerous so I think that could be an acceptable one to do.

2012年9月3日 星期一

Mnemonic for Feudalism



Feudalism is like when there's a king and he has too many land so he gives parts of his land to his best friends called lords. In return, the lords need to provide the king with money, food, and servants. But the lords' lands are also too big for them so they give parts of their land to their other friends called vassals or barons. Then the vassals need to help the lords because the lords gave them land. But the vassals also have too much land so they would give some to their other friends called knights and in exchange, the knights would help protect them. But the knights would go out and fight and can't farm their own lands so they would separate their lands and give some to serfs to take care of them. The serfs could live on the land and eat some of the food grown there. In exchange, the knights get food and money. This is how feudalism works.

My Mnemonic:
N. Koreans
S. Korean

2012年8月21日 星期二

Just Me

imageThunder tore through the skies with might
The heavens opened with a bright light
Through the chaos, a child’s cry
The baby born that night was I
God's promise stood up in the sky

I'm no ordinary air-breather
My IQ is a billion times
Higher than all of you combined
I’ve got enough cash to buy the world three times
Use money as tissues sometimes
Got a country just for my pets
I use cities just as bets
I donate to Bill Gates cuz he’s too poor
His company’s worth’s probably same as my door

Earth is losing its prodigies
Einstein embraced the end of life
Newton and Aristotle died
And I’m not feeling well tonight.

Kennings: God's promise - rainbow
                  Air-breather - human

2012年8月20日 星期一


Kennings are a series of words, used to describe, represent, or substitute ordinary nouns in a much more colorful and interesting way.


Teachers - 1. Self-Abusers 2. Mama Bird --> 1. Teachers know that when they give more homework to students, they have given themselves more work to grade, but they still do it anyways.... 2. The mama bird teaches the young birds how to fly and how to survive in the world (college).

Bus Drivers - Overlooked Heroes --> Bus drivers don't seem to be a big deal, and anyone could be one, but without bus drivers, our lives in the cities would be very difficult. Buses and bus drivers are important transportation systems that our everyday lives depend on.

Computers - Brain Substitute --> The computer makes work easier for people. It creates less work for people so they can think less. People rely on the computer nowadays more than they do on their brains, because computers can do almost everything your brain can do, and plus it is more efficient and easier.

Love - Dream Feelings --> When you fall in love, you have feelings that are indescribable and you kind of feel like you're in a dream. Also, like all dreams, love is either a good dream or a nightmare.

Bombs - Death Announcer --> When you encounter a bomb, you probably are going to die. Bombs deliver deaths to the enemies of the one who owns it. It brings death to those who are unfortunate to see it in action.


My own kennings:

1. Night Lights

2. Timekeeper

3. Storm Bringer

4. Handsome Genius

Answers Below















1. Stars

2. Clock

3. Clouds

4. Samuel Yuan

The last one is the best!!! So true~~~

2012年5月20日 星期日

About the Media

1. What role does the media play in our lives?

We interact with all kinds of media everyday; Facebook, Twitter, newspaper, radio, TV, and many others. It has already become part of our normal everyday lives. It affects how we think by updating us with what's happening all around us in the world. But many of these media usually state one-sided opinions which may accidentally lead us to wrong conclusions and opinions. We may also restate their opinions as facts to others by mistake. This can cause dangerous and misunderstood problems, which is why we need to understand a clear view of what's really happening in the world like the hard facts. We need to look at different medias to see both sides of the conflict and we should not believe and spread the news too easily. That is why the media plays an important part in everybody's lives.

2. Have you ever read/watched a news that made you angry and that you want to take action?

Many of times, this has happened to me, but mostly it's not making me angry, instead it's more like sad. When I see starving children in Africa or some other country on the media, it makes me want to help and take action but it affects me more by the way the media presents it. Also, when someone like a political person is telling lies like I'm going to help blah blah blah or this person is blah blah blah, it makes me feel sad because they are hopeless but I am also angry about them lying to the people who are supporting them and I just want to kick their butts. The main point is that I think the way the media presents things are the most effective to people, especially me and that lying on the media is terrible because it spreads and people may believe that it is real just like in Hotel Rwanda, the Hutus believe that the Tutsi are evil and lower class like cockroaches.

3. Who's accountable for the media?

I think the main people who are accountable are the people who are on the media. The news reporter or people who reports it will be accountable if he/she gives false information or give their own one-sided opinions. The companies who own the media and decides what to put on their media will be accountable for not removing any opinion-based news. Not only these people, but the people who spread it. The people who believe the opinions themselves should know that those are just opinions so if they spread the opinions as facts, they should be accountable for influencing others to believe the opinion as facts. Last but not least, the people who don't do anything about it is just as worse. If they know it is an opinion and many people are spreading it as facts, they should stop it and not let it continue just like the Hotel Rwanda when many Hutus gang together to kill the Tutsi, the Rwandan army did not help the Tutsis and so they became criminals. I believe that thats why crime is happening so much around the world because the witnesses don't try to stop it or even the least report it to the police.